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Where to start a business? What type of corporation should it be? How to be in conformity with local laws and tax systems? How to manage the company in its first days? How to set goals and how to achieve them?

These and other questions may look simple, but they are not, especially in Brazil, where running a business can be a difficult task, due to legal complexities and bureaucracy. There are many steps that should be taken in order to estabilish and regulate business activities; different types of corporate societies; different tax regimes; laws and governmental acts that unfortunately can be often altered due to the immediate interests of each government, resulting in economic instability or even financial loss, if not taken care quickly and appropriately.

Starting a business also demands compliance with the current tax rules, careful planning of the cash flow and a thorough knowledge of the fixed and variable costs, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the business activity. Many factors can determine the success or failure of a new company. Only through multidisciplinary experience it is possible to foresee these challenges and come up with ways to overcome them.

United States of America and other countries:

The north american market is the largest in the world. The possibilities are huge, as well as the challenges, risks and costs. Starting a business or expanding commercial activities in the USA can be a way to attract new customers and to increase profit.

Through our distinguished business/legal/tax partners, SACCIS can help you to be successful in your business activities in Brazil, the USA or anywhere else in the planet.

Get in contact and discuss your ideas and concerns with us. Through our experience, we can help you to carry out your project quickly.